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Enten Hitti

La Solitudine del Sole - out june 2011

"A sonorous ritual, a travel of transformation between what is above and what is below, between heavy and light, earth and sky.."

Tracking list:

1 Fuoco Tenue
2 Syren
3 Lo Sguardo dei Girasoli
4 Nato Due Volte
5 Memorie di un Termitaio Australe
6 Polvere Rossa
7 Chinoxx

Musica composta da Pierangelo Pandiscia e Gino Ape.

Registrato presso “La casa della roccia” – Boschi di Bergamo con
studio mobile Roland ws. nel 2010.

Masterizzato allo  Studio Claudio Gabbiani – Milano febbraio 2011

Pierangelo Pandiscia:voce,campane di cristallo, campane tibetane, tamburi sciamanici, steel drum,conchiglie tromba, ocarine, sonagli scaccia spiriti, balafon.

Gino Ape: duduk, oboe, flauti etnici, voce, percussioni.

con : Gianpaolo Verga: violino in

Adriana Pulejo: voce in “Chinoxx”
Simona  Vitali : voce in
“Lo sguardo dei girasoli” e “Polvere rossa”

Coro di canto armonico in “Fuoco tenue” e “Polvere Rossa”: Alberto Guccione,Lorenzo Pierobon, Davide Ferrari, Simona Barbera, Pierangelo Pandiscia,Adriana Pulejo. Anna Rispoli.

Cover and back photo by Veronica Marioli
Other photos by Sara Luciani
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones

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La Solitudine del Sole - Enten Hitti

La Solitudine del Sole

Recorded in three days and three nights into the woods around Bergamo-Italy, "La Solitudine del Sole" is the fruit of a long research on early sounds and primordial instruments.
Sonorous stones, singing cristal bowls, duduk, balafon, voices... are combined in a subtle variety of expressions and display an unique kind of spiritual and archaic feelings.
A sonorous ritual, a travel of transformation between what is above and what is below, between heavy and light, earth and sky..
An experience for solitary listeners, that close to a stone, are pierced from a sun's ray.

The revelatory expression that bond semplicity and knowledge, seem to be dispensed in a very natural way into sounds here, as the appearance of a sincere connection,
then after 15 years from their first album "Giant Clowns Of The Solar World" we are proud to spread out this new rare pearl by Enten Hitti.
(Label press)


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