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Alio Die & Zeit

Il Giardino Ermeneutico

" a sensible touch that subtly transports the listener towards an enchanted and multi-dimensional place for relaxation."

Track list:

1. I racconti del vento (I-III)
2. Il Giardino Ermeneutico
3. Punto di fusione
4. Una visione d'ambra

All music composed and perfomed by 
Stefano Musso(©BMI) and Tommaso Cimò, between 2006 and 2009.
Acoustic recordings took place  in Lunigiana, Italy
in August 2006.

Edited at Temple Studio, Milan, in

Additional recordings were made at The Mag Studio, Florence, in late

Mixed and mastered by Tommaso Cimò in January 2010.

Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones.

Zeit: zither, kalimba, bells, synthesizers & guitars, shruti-box

Alio Die: zither, drones and loops, field Recordings


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Il Giardino Ermeneutico - Alio Die & Zeit

Alio Die & Zeit : Il Giardino Ermeneutico (2010)

The third collaboration with Zeit displays a wonderful and uniquecombination between acoustic sounds, field recordings and airy gentleelectronic sounds.
The sonic result maintains the natural atmospheres of the original
acoustic recordings, done at the time of the Raag drone theory'ssessions in Lunigiana, Italy at Chiostro dell’Annunziata and the WoodSanctuary in August 2006.
Here the treatments enriche the mixture with a new sensible touch that subtly transports the listener towards an
enchanted and multi-dimensional place for relaxation.

"Il Giardino Ermeneutico" is playing at the moment....stunning sounds. As gentle as the breeze moving leaves in the trees.
Makes me long for the peace of a warm summer night, sitting by a fountain in a small village lost in the Alps, under the stars. Very vivid music...
Tony M. - Uk

"Il Giardino Ermeneutico" offers to us third chapter of his work with country-mate Tommaso Cimò/Zeit. Few years already passed since their last co-work on "Raag Drone Theory", so this is the right time to explore another part. Acoustic recordings come from "Raag Drone Theory" sessions and archives from 2006, but they are finely melted with nicely detailed on-site recordings and beautifully floating electronic washes. On all 6 pieces we enjoy a very peaceful, serene and meditative textures, the overal feel and result is absolutely graceful and tranquil, this is a pure airy sonic journey to calm the mind. "Il Giardino Ermeneutico" CD comes in very nicely designed six-panel glossy digipak and photographs of Sara Luciani gently fit this unforgettable journey. Well done and grazie!
Richard Gurtler, Slovakia

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