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Alio Die

Horas Tibi Serenas HSL 054

The third chapter of Castles Sonorisation's Series, aftrer Aura Seminalis and tempus Rei. A SPECIAL LTD 99 NUMBERED COPIES EDITION BOX SET available!


1 Horas Tibi Serenas      
2 In the Labyrinth Garden
3 Ultima Latet

Celebrated by Stefano Musso
in 2008 - 2009 at Temple Studio, Milan.
Alio Die:  drones and loops, field recordings
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones

HORAS TIBI SERENAS is the third chapter of Castles Sonorisation's Series, aftrer Aura Seminalis and tempus Rei.
It come in a 3 sides Digipack in a limited edition of 500 copies.

a SPECIAL LTD 99 NUMBERED COPIES EDITION BOX SET will be available soon throw the site,
it contain all the three cds of the Castles Sonorisation's Series

Aura Seminalis digipack
Tempus Rei digipack
Horas Tibi Serenas digipack

in a special box with a unique mosaic and insert, by the artist Virginia Zanotti.

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Horas Tibi Serenas (2010)

"Horas Tibi Serenas" is the third chapter of the series "Castles sonorisation", bearing the signature of Alio Die, an oratory of digits collected and highly evocative, upon reflection addressed to the sense of the sacred that saturates every aspect of earthly things.
The instrumental texture is the result of a suffused handwriting,entrusted with the use of drones, loops and sounds found, which recreates the atmosphere of the liturgical poem in three long suites rarefied and minimal, just by lapping noises echo in the distance andattendance just transmusicali palpable.
A granted to souls who crowd in a chorus of sounds wavering and circulars, designed to propitiate the harmony of the cosmos and with itthe opus of inner stillness.

Aldo Chimenti, Rockerilla luglio/agosto 2010

"Horas Tibi Serenas" It is an archaic mausoleum , distorted by time and made ​​copper, leaden again, apparently withdrawn from the flavor of life, not even here and even now.
It is hard to recognize references from other rooms of the time the sound arrives and this seems no longer be reconciled with the present but veiled forever, nearly in the shade.
Where I take things that come and go? What furrows imprinted on me? "

Gino Fioravanti / Aglaia

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