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New forthcoming releases:

The Garland of Dissolution Cd 6 side Digipackby Alio Die ≈ Remco HelbersEleusian sources - Cd 6 side Digipackby Alio ...

Robert Davies - Woodland Alcoves

Robert Davies has created over the years and twelve albums, a particular and unique immersive ambient music with a ...

Aglaia Hymns

"nymphs, memories and reflections of ancient shipwrecks in the first light of the morning or at dusk, the space ...

Cdr Ltd art-edition 99 copies - Program of upcoming releases..

The Ltd art edition serie,started with "Benthos" have these new titles in schedule:ALIO DIE & ZEIT Live at Dadà ...

New Release! AGLAIA Nights in Nubiland Cd

New album for AGLAIA titled "Nights in Nubiland" come in a six panel digipack.Mp3 are already available into Hic Sunt ...
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Alio Die & Mathias Grassow

Praha Meditations

".. an active and intimate quiet mood, softly absorbing us into some dreams-like and time-opening experience."Tracking list:1 Winds from the Other ...

Alio Die & Mariolina Zitta

La Sala dei Cristalli

"an underground meditation with a ritual touch, in accord with the "natural sound" of sonorous stones, stalactites, bat calls.."Tracks:Suono ...

Alio Die

Tripudium Naturae

"characterized by a feeling of celebration, the sound magma leads us into intimate and different atmospheres, lighting and deep"Tracks:1:  ...

Alio Die & Zeit

Il Giardino Ermeneutico

" a sensible touch that subtly transports the listener towards an enchanted and multi-dimensional place for relaxation."Track list:1. I racconti ...

Alio Die & Parallel Worlds

Circo Divino HSL 055

Full of mystical darkness and microsound elements,take the listener into a place were mental and physical boundaries not exist ..°.. ..°.. ...

Alio Die

Horas Tibi Serenas HSL 054

The third chapter of Castles Sonorisation's Series, aftrer Aura Seminalis and tempus Rei. A SPECIAL LTD 99 NUMBERED COPIES EDITION BOX SET ...

Alio Die

Music Infinity meets Virtues -Live in Prague May 23th 2009

Nextera ERA 2060-2   -  2009
Tracks:   01     Axis Mundi II 6:19 02     Brace di Trasformazione 6:35 03     Sine ...

Alio Die & Aglaia

Private history of the clouds

Infraction 037  - 2009
Slow waves of sound flow suggestive of psycho-acoustic energy  come with peripheral fragments of sonorities, carried on the wind, drifting as ...

Alio Die

The Hidden Spring HSL 050

The music abandons us to the inky wet dimensions of the mostly deeply buried aspects of our psyches......all'eterna magia ...

Alio Die

Sit Tibi Terra Levis/Introspective HSL 049

Beautiful ambient textured sounds and very mysterious moods which provide a thought provoking atmosphere. Tracks:   ...
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Alio Die
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