Alio Die

Robert Davies - Woodland Alcoves

Robert Davies has created over the years and twelve albums, a particular and unique immersive ambient music with a ...

Aglaia Hymns

"nymphs, memories and reflections of ancient shipwrecks in the first light of the morning or at dusk, the space ...

Cdr Ltd art-edition 99 copies - Program of upcoming releases..

The Ltd art edition serie,started with "Benthos" have these new titles in schedule:ALIO DIE & ZEIT Live at Dadà ...

New Release! AGLAIA Nights in Nubiland Cd

New album for AGLAIA titled "Nights in Nubiland" come in a six panel digipack.Mp3 are already available into Hic Sunt ...

New releases: ENTEN HITTI La Solitudine del Sole

New album after 15 years after the beautiful Giant Clowns of the Solar World on Aqua|Amplexus. In a six panel digipack ...
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Werner Durand & Alio Die

Aqua Planing HSL 029

a mystery woodwind,buzzing & whistling soaking in a forest pool while Durand's flickering flutes dance like dragonflies. ...

Alio Die & Jack or Jive


The word "Mei jyu"derives from the Zen resides in the one's palm and it is like a jewel, a precious stone which has powers to clear ...

Alio Die & Francesco Paladino

Angel's Fly Souvenir HSL 027

A Sonic Nightwalk by Alio Die and Francesco Paladino with contributes by Jack or Jive and In Gowan Ring ..°.. ..°.. ..° ...

Alio Die

Sol Niger HSL 021

..editing old recordings from 90' with zither, muezzin voices from the shirt wave space and field recordings made by Alio Die in Notre Dame ..°.. ...

Alio Die & Saffron Wood

The Sleep of Seeds HSL 026

A link between life and earth, a passageway between time and change. A melodius itinerary in which a time hourglass often makes no sense but only the ...

Alio Die

Khen introduce silence HSL 025

Ambient sounds produced by Khen (mouth-organ from Thailand/Laos)processed by  different controls like filters, pan and ...

Alio Die & Zeit

Sunja HSL 024

Total, lush, organic sound worlds with some live instruments, just droning away, harmoniously. Not dark, not light, just being there.Very relaxing. ...

Alio Die

Il tempo magico di Saturnia Pavonia HSL 023

Delicately circling music & slow cascades of organic drone are like patterns of sunlight stream between the trees.Mystic tone is so deep that ...

Alio Die & Mathias Grassow

Expanding Horizon

A rich drone-based tapestry, steeped in Eastern mysticism and instrumentation, accompanied by pervasive nature samples..water trickles, cicada, ...

Antonio Testa & Alio Die

Prayer for the Forest

"When the man  will throw down all the trees, the sky will fall on his head". Dedicated to Pachamama  (Native Americans) ...
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Alio Die
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