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Absolutely deep - just out!

"Porta pulviscolo nelle memorie, rende fertili e lucide le reminiscenze..come fresca aria anti-gravitazionale.."
Tracking list :

1.    Go melt back into the night
2.    Dragon clouds so high above
3.    The dusky light the day is losing
4.    Whiter clouds that swing down low
5.    Twilight on the frozen lake
6.    Time passes slowly and fades away
7.    The rain beating down on my window

Il gatto torna a casa
tra le piante di tabacco
(Murakami Kijo)

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Music composed and played by Gino Fioravanti
Recordered in Lissone between march 2011 and december 2011

Photos by Alberto Mari
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones

Aglaia sounds:
Gino Fioravanti: concept and elettronics
Gianluigi Toso: editing

Absolutely Deep - Aglaia

Absolutely deep (2012)
“Absolutely deep ci fa salire verso l’alto come fresca aria anti-gravitazionale. Ascoltarlo è come sorvolare un paesaggio sospeso tra il giorno e la notte.
Porta pulviscolo nelle memorie, rende fertili e lucide le reminiscenze.
I brani sono sette lunghi flussi sonori che scorrono imperfetti dall’inizio alla fine, senza imprevisti, utili per continuare a essere quello che sogniamo o vediamo, ogni tanto, mischiarsi e confondersi tra il cielo e la terra”.

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Aglaia "Absolutely Deep" CD

Gino Fioravanti and Gianluigi Toso, the two Italian sonic magicians of Aglaia, have returned in February 2012 with three exciting works, "Absolutely Deep" is one of them. The masters of fascinating nocturnal and daylight atmospheres unfold the journey with "Go Melt Back Into The Night", 11 and half minutes long walk through a grassy forest meadow with stars illuminating this absolutely tranquil scenery. Beautifully radiant and euphoric drones floate with all their graciousness, this is Aglaia at its most relaxing and immersing!!! But the timeless sound magic of Aglaia keeps on spreading, "Dragon Clouds So High Above" is slightly more textured with slowly spiraling depth and spaciousness evoking mesmerizingly soothing nostalgic moments. "The Dusky Light The Day Is Losing" is colored with deeply tranquilizing concert of distant night chirps, a warmly inviting sonic symphony!!! "Whiter Clouds That Swing Down Low" attracts with few crispy disruptions and fragile effects, which complexly enrich highly evocative drones and sound trully enchanting. Aerial, dreamy washes are fully explored through "Twilight On The Frozen Lake", where the listener floats along in a serene and peaceful stream of sound, painting magical beauty of pristine winter landscape at sunset with surrounding trees reflected in the ice. A really beautiful composition producing a tremendous sense of tranquility. The next piece, "Time Passes Slowly And Fades Away" is gently accompanied throughout by more massive, rougher, hissy sounds, but still remaining warmly evocative. "The Rain Beating Down On My Window" closes this deeply mesmerizing walk with pleasantly soothing and refreshing texture. "Absolutely Deep" album will relax your body and your mind will be wandering on a one way trip to luminous and expansive peacefulness. The gorgeous digipak packaging with various tree trunk textures and images helps set the stage for this purely scenic and comfortable listening experience!!!

Richard Gürtler (Apr 21, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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