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Reverberant Skies HSL 053

“My tears are like the quiete drift of petals from some magic rose; and all my grief flows from the rift of unremembered skies and snows” ..°..
Dylan Thomas


01      Magnitudine stellare
02      Atlas coeli
03      A boat hunted the edge of the sea
04      Mistic glow
05      Reverberant skies
06      Plenilune
07      Layasakta manas
08      The airy circle
09      Uranometria
10      High on a hill
11      From this darkness spin the golden soul

Aglaia sounds: Gino Fioravanti, Gianluigi Toso
Recordered: October 2008-May 2009
Photos by Kati Astraeir
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones

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Reverberant skies (2009)

Reverberant Skies follow eleven steps to the cosmic horizon. A meditative sound-flux, to connect with the interior skies, or to the sky we can see from the earth, in a brilliant night full of stars. Another "oceanic" album quite different from the previously four ones, and more close with “Private History of clouds” with Alio Die. CD HSL 053

Alio Die
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