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Aglaia Hymns

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Cdr Ltd art-edition 99 copies - Program of upcoming releases..

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New Release! AGLAIA Nights in Nubiland Cd

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Rosea HSL 010

Andrew Chalk and Darren Tate play with Lol Coxill and Colin Potter.Music is difficult to describe, but surely full of elves and gnomes ..°.. .

01 Golden hemisphere
02 Sadness of beauty
03 The forgotten well
04 Rosea
05 Flowers of Tan
Rosea was recorded and mixed at IC Studio, York 
and at Location 1994-95
Photo by Sergio Cacherano
Second edition 500 copies
Ora: Andrew Chalk, Darren Tate, Colin Potter,
Lol Coxhill, Jonathan Coleclough.


In this record with Andrew Chalk and Darren Tate play Lol Coxill and Colin Potter.Music is difficult to describe, but surely full of elves and gnomes.

The back cover of the album sums it up: "music is difficult to describe, but surely full of Elves and Gnomes!" And that it is... subterranean drippings, disembodied cackles and the slow dragging of concrete . Behind it all, a pensive score of shimmering and  hesitating to reveal itself too much for fear of scaring its hosts. A low, sparse cacaphony of the Old Country, drawn from times long before it was paved over for easy transit. Ora albums are rather obscure, so best of fortune in your own sylvan quest.

Ambience for the Masses / Daniel Foley

Ceux quiconnaissent déjà le label Hic Sunt Leones ne devraient pas s'attendre à unemusique trop dure ou trop violente... Et ils auront raison. ORA, qui avaient déjà collaboré avec Alio Die sur "The Door ofPossibilities", sortent cette fois-ci leur propre album. Leur musique est tellement abstraite et particulière qu'il me semble biendifficile de réussir cet exploit. Imaginez de très légères et discrètes nappes sonores dans le fond, plusou moins mélodiques, ajoutez-y quelques sons aussi lointains qu'étranges etsaupoudrez le tout de crissements, froissements et bruitages en tous genres, etvous obtenez très précisément la musique d'ORA.
Décrit de cette manière, "Rosea" peut sembler etre un album quelque peu hermétiqueou ardu. En réalité il n'en est rien. Le but d'ORA est tout simplement de vousfaire voyager au sein meme de paysages imaginaires et relaxants. Si ce genre d'aventureintérieure vous tente sans a priori aucun, nul doute qu'ORA parviendra àremplir ses objectifs.

Ex Machina acte III


On"Rosea", the english duo of Darren Tate and ex-Organum Andrew Chalk, arereinforced by Colin Potter and Lol Coxhill. When these creative minds join hands,the mystical and avant-garde are bound to meet. 'Rosea' is a visionary andmystical ceremony of concrete rumours, roars and clean atmospherical tunes.
Asthe pieces work their way across strange, sinister and sophisticatedenvironmental soundscapes, they develop a deeply intimate and ritualistic feel,that transcendent every human rationality and re-establishes that long-forgottenbut extremely precious close relationship we once had with nature. This is analbum that rekindles the spark of a childhood when man still believed in thatmagical world inhabited by gnomes and elves!

TDR #5 -1996

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