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Alio Die & Aglaia

Vayu Rouah

"The primordial wind join cabala and sonorous alchemies, an inexorable flux with extended electro-acoustic solutions,by a wide range of frequencies"

Tracking List:

1: Vayu Rouah  -  total time 67 Min.

Composed and celebrated by Gino Fioravanti,Gianluigi Toso and Stefano Musso (BMI)

between 2006 & 2010. Mastered at Temple studio march 2011.

Alio Die : Drones and loops, Zither, Field recordings.
Aglaia : Electronics,Editing.

Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones.

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Vayu Rouah - Alio Die & Aglaia

Vayu Rouah (2011)

Cosmic like Three Organic Experiences, esoteric like Password for Entheogenic Experience, Vayu Rouah perform a kind of synthesis of the researches by Alio Die and Aglaia.
Vayu Rouah is the primordial wind that join cabala and sonorous alchemies, an inexorable flux with extended electro-acoustic solutions,  by a wide range of frequencies.
A very long and slow gestation of about eight years have absorbed different musical moods and have stratified itself throw the time.. sound after sound.. towards his extreme possibilities. The listeners that  loved the first chapters, that inspired this work, will find themself in perfect armony into  Vayu Rouah's spirals.

Vayu is described in a line of Vedic tradiztion, un the specific of  “Rg veda”:

Respiro degli Dei e germe vitale dell’universo, liberamente egli vaga,
portiamo il nostro omaggio a colui del quale la voce si può udire ma la cui forma non si vede.

RV X,168

Alio Die & Aglaia "Vayu Rouah" CD

After highly acclaimed first collaboration CD "Private History Of The Clouds", released in 2009 on Infraction, here comes the next chapter of teamwork by Alio Die's Stefano Musso and Aglaia's Gino Fioravanti and Gianluigi Toso. However, in the works for many years, but now finally becoming a reality. At the very beginning I didn't know what to expect from this long form composition clocking to 67 minutes, but already the first 10 minutes left me totally attracted and while the soundscapes kept on flowing, I was starting to realize that "Vayu Rouah" is going to be an absolutely breathtaking listening experience. The album opens with short hissed eclectic intro, but soon it enters into more hypnotic stage with always circulating and evolving structures that never get boring or unappealing. On the contrary, this precisely and skillfully crafted sonic mantra is growing on me with each listening. It takes me into my deepest imagination, this is gracefully ethereal, tranquil and evocative sonorous organic ambience executed by true masters of the genre. Yes, these three Italians are merging at the very top of their musicianship electronics with acoustics and various on-site recordings into highly refined, richly built, expansively euphoric and charmingly intimate aural sceneries. "Vayu Rouah" is certainly one of the most emotionally moving long form compositions I have ever heard in this genre, absolutely essential for ambient fans everywhere. Journeying with Stefano, Gino and Gianluigi transported me into magnificently beautiful and warmly fascinating deep night blue sky to capture pure moments of natural magic. And the visual part of this digipak packaging is no exception to this. Molte grazie, signori!!!

Richard Gürtler (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The bells and cracks like a broken vinyl at the beginning of "Vayu Rouah" can be a bit confusing, but the whole thing is quickly put on the right track and consistently held until the very end of the first and only track. Lasting sixty-seven minutes.

On "Vayu Rouah" I feel that it was AGLAIA that led the way when creating this material. It is even hard to write about this music from a purely technical point of view, because in fact it is a slow sonic breath lasting over an hour - I realize what it sounds like, but this is how this music reminds me: stretched in time, free and calm exhale after moments of extreme tension. Or like the evening tide recorded in slow motion. There is no melody here, no change of pace, no mood, anything that could introduce a defect in sonic bliss. Yes, there are many motifs here, including the zither so liked by Stefan, a lot of field recordings or climatic synthetics. But all of this is superimposed on a hypnotic sonic wave, extremely spatial (I've been overusing this term recently, but in this case it has an exceptional reason for being) and, as I mentioned earlier, having this characteristic of AGLAIA the feature of penetrating into something deep. Figuratively speaking, if I were to literally find myself at the edge of the world, on the edge of a precipice, where clouds would swirl under my feet and my eyesight would not have to reach where it is customary to reach, because there would be nothing else there, then ... yes, "Vayu Rouah ”Would work well as an audio illustration for a scene like this. If you know AGLAIA, remember “Seven Glaciers” from “Three Organic Experiences” because it's quite similarly built track. Remember and multiply fifty.

An amazing, powerful and great-sounding musical experience. Definitely helpful in attempts to break away from the gray of everyday life. A must for lovers of such music.

Ha, and I was able to write this without using the word "drone"! And no, it probably didn't work


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