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Alio Die

Tripudium Naturae

"characterized by a feeling of celebration, the sound magma leads us into intimate and different atmospheres, lighting and deep"


1:  Almucàntarat
2:  Li Bestiaires d’Amours
3:  Amadriadi
4:  Intramundia 
5:  Hieroglyphica
6:  Spring Music
7:  Abu
8:  Axis Mundi II
9:  Alkaest
10: Speculum Naturae

Celebrated by Stefano Musso (BMI) in 2008-2009 at Temple Studio,Milan           
Alio Die : Drones and Loops, Zither, Field Recordings.
Cover photos &Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones       

Alio Die: zither, drones and loops, electronics, field recordings.

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Tripudium Naturae - Alio Die

Alio Die: Tripudium Naturae (2010)

After 20 years of activity Alio Die present his fifteenth solo album. Tripudium Naturae display in 10 new tracks with a celebrative feeling, that lead into some intimate, illuminating and deep atmospheres.
Sometime close to his first albums, sometime reminds the recent "Castles Sonorisation's Series", employing the usual loop-technique and the electro-acoustic's sounds-magma, the music develope into new forms and atmospheric explorations.   
A kind of classic Alio Die's album.

Tripudium Naturae (2010)

A very good album. I keep playing it through and through. The album creates an air of ancient times shot through with a mystical tension, complete with landscape themes that bring you the sounds of a forest or a field, the smell of freshly cut grass, the plashing of a water wheel, and the splash of a fish jumping out of a creek. You can sense traces in the grass left by circle dances by a long gone tribe – possibly not even human. You can picture young maidens telling fortune on dew on a forest meadow. You can imagine their wooden cabins by a forest lake, and smell their campfires. You can hear their pipes and oats echoing over fields and groves and river banks and ancient cities.

 All these ethereal visions become lucid thanks to the magic of Alio Die's amorphous sound and the artist’s fondness of mixing sounds. From mourning for a life departed, to the hopes and dreams of the living, to the traces of us left in the great symphony of life.
Such is the tale of the days of yore brought alive by this wonderful album, which is a great sequel to Alio Die magnificent work, "Le stanze della trascendenza" (1999).

Tripudium Naturae
is the best music I heard this year.
While listening I suppose that you must did a lot of effort (and needed a lot of time) to create it. Everyting seems perfect, it is carefully mixed and recorded. The music is more ambient than drone, beautiful (tasteful) layered, great compositions,
somehow more "melodic" than your older work (sometimes it has a "Castles Sonorisation's Series feeling"). Also a perfect "soundtrack" for sitting with eyes closed late at night when no noise can disturb listening.

I listened intensively (I own a high end equipment) to Tripudium Naturae some 10 times now, and I appreciate it more and more; I think this is really a masterpiece, every listening opens new details for me; possibly because of the carefully  layered music. It is the most complete Alio Die release with excellent sound quality (however, many other releases have their own quality and mood).
Definitely one of your best "celebrations" ever.
John V.H. - Holland

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