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Alio Die ≈ Remco Helbers

The Garland of Dissolution - Digi CD Upcoming!

Tracking list:

Entering the Intimate Fragrance of Beatitude 10:06
Transcendental Path 18:07
Ritual Bath 12:49
Rebirth’s Portal Unveiled 05:51
Vespertine Breath 17:16
The Garland of Dissolution 15:27

All tracks composed and played by Stefano Musso (Bmi)
and Remco Helbers between 2015 and 2020 at Lunae studio, Italy and Schiedam, The Netherlands

Alio Die: zither, sitar, drones and loops, field recordings.

Remco Helbers plays:
1: guitar-soundscape, shakuhachi, rudra-veena, shortwave radio, framedrum, mbira, sampled bonang.
2 : zither, shakuhachi, bowed surbahar, various bells.
3 : framedrum, udu-scrapes, angklung, trap-cymbal.
4 : rudra-veena, shakuhachi, ney, angklung, ankleshakers, sampled bonang.
5 : guitar, zither, ney, framedrum, various bells, thai-gong, angklung, sampled bonang.
6 : guitar-soundscape, shakuhachi, surbahar, dvojnice, angklung,
bells, atmospherics (rain-samples).

Petra Helbers: jungle recording on track 5
Milah van Zuilen: Tibetan monk recordings on track 2 and track 6.

Cover fractals by Remco Helbers ~ Inside pictures and artwork by Hic Sunt Leones
Alio Die ≈ Remco Helbers
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Alio Die
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