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Alio Die

Empathy fusion ≈ Transience merger 2 Digi cd Upcoming!

Disc 1
Tracking list :

Fusione di empatia 01:19:23

Disc 2
Preghiera dell'Acqua 24:02
Fusione di Transitorietà 16:18
Come Quando il Fiume Incontra il Mare 37:56

'Empathy fusion' is a long form project based on quiet music in the purpose to induces calm and deep relaxation.
Many thanks to Mendel / Wavepaths for inspiration.

released April 23, 2020

All music played and recorded by Stefano Musso in spring 2019 at Lunae studio, Lunigiana, Italy.
Alio Die: Drones and loops, rattles and bells, field recordings.

Thanks to Gino Fioravanti / Aglaia for technical support.

Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones

'Empathy fusion' enter into the new dimensions of Transience merger. Suspensions and a contemplative sense of being take part in the flowing of the sounds, after a rainfall in the full moon plateau while the silence surround.

"The changing nature of Asmitâ is manifested when we face a challenge. The origin of the challenge lies in the positive side of Asmitâ but when a negative fear arises our initiative is inhibited.
We must launch a counter challenge to disarm this fear.
From this conflict creation arises."
Commentary on the Patanjali yoga sutras
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Alio Die
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