Alio Die & Luciano Daini:
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End of an Era
HSL 042
"Credo solo a ciò che non vedo
e unicamente a quello che sento"
(Gustave Moreau)
01     La Rocca’s View
02 End of an Era
03 Desert’s Breath
04     Il Volo Assunto
05 Crucibulum
06 L’Inequivocabile Quintessenza
07    Nocturnal Solution
All Tracks Composed and Performed by
Stefano Musso(©BMI) and Luciano Daini
between 2003 and 2007 at Temple Studio
and Rocca Leonella Soft Room.
Mastered on Pro Tools, Milan  2007.
Alio Die: Psaltery, Zither, Drones and Loops ,
Editing and Field Recordings.
Luciano Daini: Cello, Flik-Horn, Zither, Voice, Flutes,
Metals, Percussions,  Rattles, Keyboards.
Special Thanks to Saffron Wood 
for Air’s sample on "End of an Era".
Photos by Bjorn Mascher.
Clouds Photo by Luciano Daini.
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones.