Alio Die & Janes Johnson:
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Sospensione d'estate
HSL 041
01  CUBE 7  -  Sospensione d'Estate  66:10
CUBE 7 was Composed and Created by
Stefano Musso(İBMI) and James Johnson (İBMI)
between 2005 and 2006 at Temple Studio, Milan, Italy
and at Circling Crane Studio, Antioch, USA.
Mastered on Pro Tools, Milano  2007.
James Johnson:   Electronics, Programming.
Alio Die : Zither, Flutes, Rattles, Small Instruments Set,
Drones and Loops, Tubes, Field Recordings.
Special Thanks to Saffron Wood for Acoustic Recordings.
Photos by Stefano Musso.
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones.
CUBE music is designed to blur the architectural spaces
that we occupy during our waking hours of the day.
Whether it be an office cubical, a personal listening space or subtly defined spaces within an architectural enviroment.
CUBE music is music at the edge of  perception,
music meant to expand interior space.
Listening at a volume slightly above the natural sound
in the space that this work is being played.