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HSL 034
01     Turbulence of the Creation               
02  Entrance of the Sublime Labyrinth    
03  Green Talkin’ Ants                         
04  Vipers on the Waters                  
05      Turba Philosophorum           
06  Crying Doors                 
07  The Last Path                
08  The Domus Rebuilt 
Total  time    60:42
Composed and performed by
Teo Zini and Stefano Musso (©BMI), between 2003 and 2005
 at Lovesupreme Studio and at Temple Studio, Milan.
Mastered on Pro Tools, Milano november 2005.
Opium: programming and wave editings.
Alio Die: drones and loops, zither, flutes, bells and field recordings.
Thanks to Festina Lente for piano’s sample on The Last Path.