Alio Die & Francesco Paladino:
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Angel's Fly Souvenir
HSL 027


01     A Good Night to Wake Up
02     A Fly to the Haunt
03 Whispers and Recalls Near the Temple
04 Mirnyj's Hole
05 Flowing Up from the Core of the Mountain
06     Ancient Consciousness of the End
07     Have a Nice Sleep

Basic improvisations conceived and performed by 
Stefano Musso and Francesco Paladino in spring 2002
playing and recording  different instruments 
and objects throw a long tube.

Edited and mastered on Pro-Tools at Temple Studio, Milano 2003.

Alio Die:  drones and loops, zither, tubes.

Francesco Paladino: nose sounds, field recordings 
(recorded in Katmandu, Nepal, South California), various objects.

Chako : Voice on track 05

In Gowan Ring : basic sounds of track 06

Voice's  sample on track 04 by Maria Assunta Karini

Cover photo by Stefano Musso.
Inside and back photo by Francesco Paladino.

Graphics by Hic Sunt Leones, 2004.
All pieces copyright İBMI 2004.