Alio Die:
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Khen introduce silence
HSL 025 


01     Puntar orecchio alle sfere
02 Gli ossidi del divenire
03 Accarezzando soma come si fa con una piuma
04 Fu cosi' il sogno a tessere radici a terra ed a provvedere al nutrimento
05     Una vena preziosa
06 Introduce silence
07 In vulvica risonanza
Basic improvvisations conceived and performed by Alio Die in spring 2001.
Edited and mastered on Pro Tools at Temple Studio, Milano 2002.
Stefano Musso plays: khen (mouth organ), drones and loops, enviromental recordings taken in Thailand and in Lunigiana - Italy.
Percussion on track o5 by Gianfranco Cualbu.
Thanks to for enviromental sounds to Francesco Paladino (recorded in Katmandu - Nepal) on track 02 and by Teo Zini/Opium (recorded in Topolo' - Italy) on track 03.
Cover photos by Bjorn Mascher.
Inside photo by Prisca Guanter.
Back photo by Laura Fabbri.
Graphic by Hic Sunt Leones 2003.
All pieces copyright BMI 2003