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Leaves Net
HSL 019

01      Still rapture
02 Breathing again
03      First perception
04      Leaves net *
05      A chaos of desire *
06 A fragment of fire
07     The way of fire *
08     Concerning simple fire
09     Régénéretion *
10 Desire
Composed and performed by Stefano Musso remastering old and new sound.
Conceived as the third part of an ambient trilogy with 
"The Hidden Spring" & "Le stanze della trascendenza".
Tracks * are totally revisited.
Tracks 02 and 04 originally released on 3" MCD "The flight of the real image".
Track 05 originally realised on the compilation Of these Reminders (Projekt, USA).
Track 07 on VA "Death odors" (Slaughter prod.).
Track 09 on VA 2xCD Régéneration-Dégénerescence (Cynistrose, F).
Track 10 on VA Desire (Beautiful Rec. Canada).
Stefano Musso: Drones and loops, effects, voice, enviromental sounds, flutes and treatments.
Voice on 10 and sample on end track 03 by Martina Galvagni.
Many thanks  and best vibrations to the artists/painters & sculptors that have found some source and inspiration in my music: Bjorn Mascher and Bernth Uhno (Sweden), Lance Green (Long Beach, USA), Paul Trocha, photograf (New York) & Janusz Gilewicz for his beautiful paintings in this CD and text about VTS experience.