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HSL 009


01   Invocation
02      High Places
03      Submerged/Tides
04   Waiting for the Sun King
05   Breath
06      Before the Gates
07      Beneath the Sands
08      Distant Dreaming
09      Present in the falling rain
10      Before One Thousand Years
Martin Franklin: Ghatam, percussion, synthesiser and drones
Richard Clare. Flutes and pipes
Ramesh Singh: Tablas, voice and harmonium (on 02, 05 and 08)
Mykl O'Dempsey: Synthesiser, voice (on 02)
Most of the music on this CD was recorded on four-track, 
between August 1989 - January 1990 and originally issued 
as a cassette only release.
"Beneath the Sand" and "Present in the falling rain" 
were composed for the Level Five Theatre Company's 
production of "The Moonstone" January 1995.
Remastered and mixed at Body Music Studio, 
Windsor, England during March/April 1995
Engineered by Jan Bidgood
Mixed by Martin Franklin
Tracks composed by Fralklin / Clare (01, 08), 
Franklin / O'Dempsey (02), 
Franklin (03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10)
All compositions MCPS/PRS
Paintings by Giorgio Guarini
Photo on page 4 by Sergio Cacherano