Alio Die & Ora: 
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The Door of  Possibilities 


01       Looking Forward
02       Approach to zero
03       Bestiole nascoste tra il muschio e le alghe
04   The door of possibilities
05   In shore/purl
06   Stonevoice
07      Autumn cove
Tracks 02 and 07 by Ora recorded at ICR Studios, York 
by Darren Tate and Andrew Cialk 
enginiered by Colin Potter, January 1994.
Tracks 01, 03, 04, and 06 composed and played by Alio Die 
between March 93 and January 94
Track 05 by Ora and Alio Die September 93/January 94
Special thanks to Tata and Flavio Rovetta for technical support
A deep listening is obtained at medium/low volume 
in combination with headphones