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The Promises of Silence
HSL 004


01 Hybryds: Aizen Myoo
02 Djen Ajakan Shean: Mountain Wind
03 Steve Roach: The Unbroken Promise
04 Vidna Obmana: Glass Splendour
05 Jeff Greinke: Winter Light
06 Art Of Primitive Sound: Subterranean Worlds
07 Ora: Sadalsuud
08 Alio Die: The Hidden Spring
09 Robert Rich: Black Skies
10 Saffron Wood: Deep Water
11 Black Tape For A Blue Girl: A Good Omen
12 Temps Perdu?: Ouroboros

This compilation is a 78-minute overview of atmospheric and sampled/textural darkAmbient musics, lost somewhere between unidentified subterranean ice caves and a shimmering deserts.
"Promises of Silence is, yes, a very dark album at times, both darkness and silence hold promises worth discovering. Some of those great discoveries can be found here." (I/E MAGAZINE)