...a journey into the six worlds of Ozis. Spherical sounds interlace helicoidal fluxes on multicoloured solid masses...

Ozis is an italian duo consisting of Alessandro Vittorio (keys, programming) and Antonio Severi (keys, programming). Now it is always nice to hear electronic music from Italy because i don’t know to much music in this style from this large country:  The music of Ozis clearly heads into a spacey direction with mostly stretched pieces with long held chords and sequences.

This CD is a collection of remastered works recorded between 1988 en 1997. Their spacesound can be well heard in “Nilus”: a fine sequencerline, light pianotouches, guitararpeggios and a lot of atmosphere. Very beautyful. That also counts for “Miriah”  with 5:09 the shortest piece of the CD,  which is a quite melodical track. “Uroboros”   is the piece with the best ambiance, an intriguing ending  to this interesting album.

Paul Rijkens (Groove Unlimited)