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SM 007


This album is a collection of works recorded  between 1988 and 1987 and remastered in 1998.
01 Passages
02 Nilus
03 Absyd
04 Miriah
05 Tibet
06 Uroboros
Ozis are:
Alessandro Vittorio: Keyboards, programming.
Antonio Severi: Keyboards, guitars, programming.
All tracks composed and performed by
Alessandro Vittorio and Antonio Severi.
recorded and mixed by Ozis at Ozis Recording Studio, Bologna.
Master and editing by Alio Die in February 1998.
Thanks to Antonella, Francesca, Stefano, Stereokimono, Circolo Culturale Antalia, Convivio Solare and to all the people that helped us.
Contacts: Ozis Project
Bologna - Italy
e-mail: alxvit@libero.it