A Tapestry for sourcerers (1995)

"This is a collaboration project with Alio Die, Runes Order and Raffaele Serra. Low drones beneath evocative motivic figures, with wisps of mystical synth sweeps that seem to come out of the deeper parts of the universe, bone-chilling natural sounds and summoning primitive drums, beckon us to follow on a long transcendental journey. From this point onwards, we find ourselves continually drawn into the spacious atmosphere of the music. As we float over the vast cosmic seas, unearthly sonorous monuments rise above us, piercing the dark celestial blanket, forcing an opening for the spiritual light to shine through. All is shed in a bright, while light now. All is peaceful and quiet.We have entered the world of inexistence. A wonderful out-of-body experience! 

TDR (Belgium)

Tap into the hidden realms of existence populated by spirit forms and beings that lie far beyond human comprehension.
Five Thousand Spirits links the magic of Alio Die, Runes Order, and Raffaele Serra. All three artists are at their best here, creating sonic waves of energy that soothe and challenge the listener. Reminiscent of ancient rituals one may read of. prepare to descend into the darkness of mother earth.

Emerald #2 august 1996 (Pennsylvania, Usa)

Derriere le nom Five Thousand Spirits officient Alio Die, Runes Order and Raffaele Serra. Cette musique ne depaysera donc pas les amateurs du label Hic Sunt Leones et du sous label Sempiterna Mutatio. Par rapport aux productions de Alio Die, on notera ici une propension a' explorer des voies plus mystiques et rituelles. "Enter, so far from this sky", long titre au developpement lent evoque un rituel imaginaire. Runes Order apporte par touches parcimonieuses ses nappes de synthes et notes cristallines. "Hatt-lunis" est a' ce titre un joyau de lumiere diaphane, propice a' de douces derives mentales hypnagogiques. "Onyx" vous plonge dans une nuit cosmique epaisse, ebree de perturbations magnetiques lointaines. Pas de doute, nos trois mystagogues ont don de vous enroler dans leur univers onirique. Laissez-vous faire, le voyage en vaut la peine.

Patric Vancayezeele / Revue et Corrige'e #27 mars 1996