Copula (1994)

A collaboration project between Die Sonne Satan & Runes Order.
Dark atmospheres and death ambient, remember the cold swedish scene...

Despite the quirky title, this is actually very dark atmospheric music from none other than boy wonders Claudio Dondo (Runes order) and Paolo Beltrame (Die Sonne Satan). Both artists are know for their dark occult ambient music and this one is in the same realm. Low, blood ambient music fills the mind with foggy fibers of endless night. Most of these songs seem to contain narcoleptic frequencies wich are guaranteed to send you into submission of sleep. Tune in and fade away...Nice.

Eskhatos Issue #2 Portland,Oregon

Despite their rather silly name (too much Sigillum S maybe?), this is a superb atmospheric-industrial release. Slightly cosmic at times, the overall sound offer's not warmth, but a kind of empty inter-galagtic coldness. On a foundation of machine-like loops (Zoviet France came to mind once or twice) this italian duo overlay surging pulsation's of treated and processed sounds that roll in like storm clouds from the stratosphere. Maybe a bit abrasive at times, but if you're used to ZF or Cranioclast, then this should be right up your alley. Some of the tracks seem a bit indistinguishable - which may be a problem on future releases, but easy to overlook for now. A strong piece of work.

Jason H. Mantis / Audio Drudge Mag. Issue 6 Summer 1995


One of the bands presented on the splendid compilation "Death Odors"  is Atom infant Incubator. It's a cooperation between Paolo Beltrame (Die Sonne Satans) and Claudio Dondo (Runes Order). Both their solo projects have also been featured on "Death Odors".
Atom infant Incubator's music is blend of industrial sounds. Low and deep sequences have been put together with different higher- pitched, spacey and wandering tunes. The music is grim, morbid and real, a strange shimmering pitch black turbulence comes down on you, takes you slowly by the hand towards the gates of nothingness. Don't forget to bring a torch when you enter this dark environment.

Phosphor 0ct-1994