Hora Tibi Serenas (2010)

HORAS TIBI SERENAS is the third chapter of Castles Sonorisation's Series, after Aura Seminalis and Tempus Rei. It come in a 3 sides Digipack in a limited edition of 500 copies.

A SPECIAL LTD 99 NUMBERED COPIES EDITION BOX SET will be available soon throw the site, it contain all the three cds of the Castles Sonorisation's Series

Aura Seminalis (digipack) + Tempus Rei (digipack) + Horas Tibi Serenas (digipack) in a special box with a unique mosaic and insert, by the artist Virginia Zanotti.
If you have already some of the releases contained in the box, we can reserve a special price for you as well.

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