Impermanence (2008)

The new CD by STEFANO SCALA , 'IMPERMANENCE' have is focus on Tibet, where Stefano Scala went for musical researches and recordings some years ago.
The magic of the cult and traditions of the country with hightest peaks in the world accompany us in this journey,on a mountain pass, walking along the pathways of the rarefied Himalayan atmosphere,escorted by a convoy of mules or yaks. Sounds can be heard of the wind and rain, voices,songs and steps of nomads of Impermanence. An album that displays different acoustic instruments,armonic chant,percussions,flutes,rattles and bells,and field recordings..this cd is more close to the Hic Sunt Leones releases then the previously 'Il Tempo del Sogno'.
8 pages cd booklet. HSL 044 OUT NOW