Platonica filosofia della temperanza (2006)

A land hidden from controled pleausures of  rationality among soul an internal platonic part, it is the first andoncy CD by Lorenzo Scopelliti, single musical expression of Saffron Wood, rich in enthusiasm and  love, emboried between discoring and long harmonious. An important page rich in inconsious caracters and sonorous pigments put togheter. In an original evocative hemisphire a thinking walk between the greek Skopelos and the mediteranean Sicily.
The Friscalettu flutes, the impulsive tibetan trumpet and his bells. The vibrating harmoniuns dances of the sicilian Maranzannu and the  Vietnamese Danmoi, the evocative sonority of the Indian Dilruba and the Egyptian Rebab, the shy puffs of the Shakuhachi and the indian Bansuri, the cymbals, the ceramic and glass percussions, are in this  way translated and trasformed omeopathicly in "Platonic Philosophy" expressing the possible prophecy among soul, ground and the acoustic steps of a special peace.... where we often like to find ourselves.

(Label press)