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Three organic experiences
HSL 022


The "Cariti" are goddess of beauty,
generally represented as three sister.
They live upon Olympus mountain togheter with Muses,
with whom sometimes they sing chorus.
They pleasently follow the tracks of Apollo,
god of divination and music. Their father is Zeus, 
their mother is Eurinone, the daughter of the Ocean.
It is generally considered that "Cariti"exert every sort of 
influence upon works of mind and art.
Charis means living artis work.
In some tradition they are daughters of Erebo and
of the Night and love to dance under the pale moon light.
Beyond the threshold of the ocean, in the waterworld,
everything join and blend togheter in the fluid contact,
in the liquid interdipendent magma.
The point of view is far away, expanded to infinity.
The horizon of feeling seems to be over there.
Apparently everything rimains unchanged,
but in the becoming life continuosly changes.
Beautiful fossil shape in the long run,
in the minerale deeph.
Il is here that always I thind Myself...
Beyond the threshold
(Alio Die)
01   The misterious fish named Kun
02      The tribe of the flying monkeys
03   Seven ancient glaciers
Composed and recorded in September/November 2002
Gino Fioravanti: Concept, electronics.
Gianluigi Toso: Editing, samples
Remastered by: Claudio Ranalli
Thanks to Isabella Martoni and Luisa Pozzoli for translations.
Special thanks to: Salvatore Cortese, Attilio Tripodi, Bruno Zanzottera
All paints by Alessandro Savelli, cover paint "Paesaggio del cielo" 2001 (detail).
Graphics by Hic Sun Leones