Le stanze della Trascendenza (1999)

Second part of the ambient trilogy, combine old and new tracks with new techniques, melanchonic, deep, ancient. "The tracks have great fluidity, and the sonorous research touch top of high intensity. The different sounds, from electronic treatments or from natural enviromental recordings, are casting on only one canvas, on that Stefano plays like sorcerer preparing his magic draught. Like a good alchemist, that know always the right ingredients, Alio Die carry us through stimulating and pictoresque landscapes without ever boring the listening. We can't speak really about 'melody' - although all the tracks have this quality well developed. It's the nature's melody itself that is presented here, with great ability. The recording is like usually at good standard, like say americans, high quality stuff ."

Mauro Berchi / Ritual#2

This is a deeper look into the microscopic views that Also Die creates with a sense of ceremony and ancient sacredness. As with Password for entheogenic experience and Leaves Net, the foundation is drawn from acoustic and environmental sounds deconstructed and processed into a landscape of organic forms and visceral textures.

Steve Roach