Password for Entheogenic Experience (1998)

I'm Listening to your new cd right now (about 40 minutes into it so far) I just wanted to say that you have created something very beautiful here. It feel like a distillation of your sound, very focused and pure. Nice work ! I think people will respond very well to this one. 

Robert Rich    

This 1998 continuous longform piece is a standout solo work from Italy's sound artist Alio Die. His artistry and understanding of organinc inner-space music is alive on this understated and gently intense flowing soundscape. Created to support his own psychoactive journeys, it creates a warm and shadowy nest to curl up within. This is among Steve's favorite Alio Die solo releases. 

Steve Roach

A never ending drone of intense meditative music, with trated acoustic sounds and loops. Alio Die explore somewhere else places finding a sound support for psychoactive journeys. A long, beautiful track (64 min.) of floating ambient music from this popular Italian electronic artist. 

I've been listening a lot to your new music. It seems so melancholy to me. I sometimes have thoughts about how alone we all are in this world, with no stability and surrounded by illusion. In these times the only sanctuary comes from the words of the spiritual masters, the only reality the underlying transcendental consciousness of creation. Anyway, I have these thoughts listening to your music. I love the bird and creature at the beginning, it reminds me so much of you and your place in the countryside. The way you have made the piece grow upward right to the end is very nice, I wondered how long could you sustain it for. 

Martin Franklin / Tuu

Your new piece of music is absolutely the best written since Sieur de Sainte Colombe wrote his "Concerts a deux violes esgales" 1687 ! I've never ever heard anything like this. You have captured the endless Spiral of Life , it's almost like dying drifting into a new phase of life (well life is forever). If there is a holy Sanctuary then this is it ! I've to tell you that I'm extremely impressed by your outstanding capability to create atmospheres, the depth of your compositions are enormous and for me they work as a guiding star into the unknown, the rusty future. Your masterpiece work with or without mushrooms, but I've to say that I feel very close to our planet, plants and all organic life forms when I listen to "Password for Entheogenic Experience". It gives a nice belonging and oneness with the enviroment. You don't need any keys or passports if you have this beautiful music !!!

Entagled in immortal memories
Miscellaneous faces
in the ocean of tranquillity
Ancient lizard
Migrant souls
A float in the outskirts of a dream
Celestial lantern
awareness of life
as I drift down through the chambers of Entheogenic experience...
Bjorn Mascher - artist , Sweden

'Password for Entheogenic experience' is really a wonderful epic journey and transmutary experience where we slowly drift along a gradually bewitching river of music...a beautiful serene flow leading us to Nature's omnipresent secret heart...a place rocket with penumbra and pure light, shrouded in an ever resonant mystery...

Daniel Crockaert / graphisch Painter