Under an Holy Ritual (1992)

>> Now there is a very special release that includes the two Alio Die issues on SmallVoices: the reissue of his fantastic masterpiece "Under an Holy Ritual" (SVV004), very well known ritual ambient music milestone on 12" LP and the totally new and exclusive Alio Die studio work titled "Aurea Hora" (SVV007) released on vinyl 10". Both vinyls (here in clear wax) are enclosed in an amazing and special de-luxe plexiglas Box Set.
The release is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies only... so please hurry up! First come, first serve!

"Multi-layered sonic densities that can evoke the air of ancient storms one minute, then ebb like an immense black ocean the next. This knows how to alter moods with both thick electronic pulses and prehistoric scrapes of mysterious percussions. Cerebral, spooky, and thought provoking meditative/ambient music that harkens from a ritualistic viewpoint." 

I/E Magazine

Beautiful ambient sounds and textures which provide a though provoking athmosphere. A subtle power follows music and features some excellent aural works.  

N.D.Magazine  (Texas)     

Return to the overground ruins of our civilization, where the previous inhabitants speak through sounds that drift like samples of the soul. An ambient masterpiece.   

Projekt (USA) 

Ghostly incantations from the void, subtly shifting frequencies and moods... Stefano Musso has menaged to resurrect unsettling sounds from a pre-Middle Ages epoch and merge them into a pastiche of gripping, evocative pastures. One might be prone to labelling Alio Die as quasi-active ambient music, but that has become a word so bandied around these days that in this case the meaning far from concise. Musso, Aka Alio Die could very well be Italy's answer to Jeff Greinke, as he shares Greinke's affinity for layered patterns and yawning, chasm-like sounds, but he also sprinkles tinkling chimes, sudden guts of vocal winds and other mysterious effects liberally into these eleven tono poems. Ambient meaning minimalist? Perhaps. But, like fellow alumnus Greinke, Vidna Obmana, and PBK, Alio Die's sepulchral offering demonstrates, in its passionate excellence, that there is still much left to be mined from so rich a territory.

Darren Bergstein /  I/E Magazine Usa

Alio Die has discovered an event of tachyon wave emissions (a real theory not yet proven, except in Star Trek and other science fiction: particles which travel faster than the speed of light, and therefore able to transmit messages through time). He recorded them in a series of CD's which he then sent to Jim and me. These CD's appeared identical to normal copies of  "Under an Holy Ritual", however when listened to in a specific way, the tachyon messages become apparent. Soon we understood that through these ongoing tachyon transmissions, a network of waves connected our time and all other times with the end of time. Playng the CD's in sequence,one come to know and experience the end of time, as well as all of the time. A secret organisation found out about the special Alio Die CD's and began searcing for them. Soon we realized that Temps Perdu? also had recorded a similar set completely indipendently, and were quietly selectively distributing them. The new knowledge began to permeate the worlds slowly.  

A review from softwatch.uk

Although they sent me a cassette version of this album, they did send a CD cover, which is very attractive in gold on dark colours & artistic images. And the sound within is just as beautiful. "Light By Initiation" comes first, fading in on dark loops of sound like a repeated bass horn fanfare heard from below the Earth. Rising through this comes an ethnic-sounding drum rhythm, subtle & repetitive, joined by what sounds like sampled Shamanic spirit voices. "Calls From A Lost Conscience" comes next, sounds sustained as if the ghost memories of piano notes played in past days, edgeless and infinitely ebbing & flowing. Metal percussion, light & high pitched tinkles away in the background, like the shine of sunlight off silver. "Global Construction" opens sounding like birdsong looped & edgeless with a warm machine-like sustain of sound beneath which hints at formal beat & rhythm as the entire piece gradually changes & transmutes. A violin-like phrase rises through the mix, once more surrounded by the singing of birds, This fades into the deep sound of bubbling water, itself swallowed by a mild natural machine rhythm. "The Secret Of Shady Gorges" isanother piece based on a watery foundation, this time with a rolling percussive rhythm growing through it, which consists of metallics, like heavy oil drums played lightly in series, A hum remains beneath, warming the colder aspects of the Sound. "Axis Mundi" takes a series of sustained sounds, loops them to form a mild, subtle rhythmic flow which rises like the tones of a factory mellowed to delicate church organ, sustained while other, more complex pieces fold themselves in patterns beneath. "Reflections Of A Dawn" grows in gradual tones & shades, gentle yet with an underlying, faster pulse. It phases as if several huge, bass tuning forks were sustained almost to infinity while the merest traces of a filigree skeletal rhythm surrounds the structure - kipper-rib delicate, hardly even percussive, suggesting a fast, microscopic life superimposed onto heavier, warmer, older being. "Invocation Of The Source Of Life" grows up on a similar sustained sound with delicate percussion scratching fine patterns on the soft, flowing warmth. A distant horn sound adds mystery & beneath it what sounds not unlike didgeridoo adds a slightly damp sound. The title track "Under A Holy Ritual" comes next, growing as the rhythmic skeleton, bleached white, filigree & of no recognizable Earthly animal - perhaps something aquatic? Through this as if putting warm meat back onto the cold bones, rises an edgeless flowing sound, gradually forming into a 7 note sequence, railing against the 'norm', yet fitting perfectly. "Cryptic Spell" is another warm, smooth piece, again bringing SPKs "Zamia Lehmanni" album to mind. It flows in dark waves while beneath strange subhuman voices make animal-like noises. "Back To Tikla" takes the title track's sequence as a leaping off point, becoming a wave of gradually changing sound like a hybrid of organ & bagpipe, honed to become a more smooth & subtle beast than either could dream of. "Waking Up From A Wistful Day" dawns, rising from the speakers like tendrils of thick smoke, through which can be heard a wooden rhythmic sound, which might be formed by natural ambient sound, but is presunnbly deliberate. A dark, distant storm drives it back into silence. This is a truly beautiful, relaxing album, of flowing warm tones, yet is full of interesting little audio sculptures - most of them delicate as spider-spun lace, but always interesting. It is closer to Ethnic music than to modern styles, yet is without doubt a 20th Century creation.

Dérriere ce titre quelche peu sybillin, se cache un musicien italien du nom Stefano Musso, par ailleurs créateur du label Hic Sunt Leones. Grand manipulateur d'échantillons, Stefano Musso nous offre ici une série d'ambiances insolites et belles,dant la singularité réside autant dans l'étrangeté des sonorite employees, que dans leur croisement improbables et leurs developpements par transformation progressive. Procedant par impregnation de l'espace sonor, les compositions temoignent d'une vie intérieure intense, qui anime et colore des décors successifs,par é clairage indirect. Ni industrielle, ni new age, ni sombre,ni béate,cette musique flotte avec inspiration dans des mondes subtiles et lontains. Avec ses dorures sobres,la pochette est a' l'image du contenu, et fait de l'ensemble un objet musical de haute tenue.                        

Bruno Heuzé / Keyboards Magazine 


Alio Die’s magnum opus on vinyl for the first time. Released on his own label Hic Sunt Leones (1992) and re-released by Projekt (1993), this is a milestone of ritual ambient music. Ghostly incantations from the void, subtly changing frequencies and moods. Dream-inducing atmospheres and introspective drones. Stefano Musso has managed to resurrect unsettling sounds from a pre-Middle Ages epoch and merge them into a pastiche of gripping, evocative pastures for the discerning Ambient fan. Limited to 600 copies.

Cold Spring