< Lance Green

Colorado Thunderstorm  18 x 24

Coming out  30 x 40


Ally #3  36 x 48


Lance Green was born in Denver Colorado in 1953. Until the age of ten he spent his boyhood with his Grandfather in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountain High Country. As a teen he lived all over the Southwest from the bayous of Lake Texarkana to the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona where he developed a knowledge of and love for Native American spirituality and culture. He finally settled in Southern California in 1967. He attended High School in the East L. A. area and at that time met an art teacher, Linda Stevens, who took a particular interest in him and gave him the guidance needed to set his life course as an artist. He then majored in art at Rio Hondo College in East Los Angeles. After a ten year sabbatical to pursue his love of travel and surfing, Lance took up painting again in 1984, and has pursued it passionately ever since. In 1998 and 1999 he was honored to study with master Indian expressionist Fritz Scholder. He cites Nathan Oliviera, Manuel Neri, Elmer Bischoff and the Bay Area Figurative Expressionists, as well as Rufino Tamayo, Laura Hernandez, and other Latin Modernists as major influences in his work. Influences aside, Lance Green is a pioneer in the world of painting that explores terrain previously uncharted.

His paintings burst with striking raw color and emotion in an uninhibited and courageous way that is powerful and totally unique. Many of his works are elegant metaphors for life experiences and a poetic medium in which he transforms his own personal experiences as well as those he observes in the lives of others. Some are self portraits, yet all are universal in their application. His subjects convey an intense spiritual presence, ranging from an almost holy delicacy to images of the darkest of demons, bringing one into an encounter with the paradox of dark and light, the ominous and the beautific, grace and despair- yet all resolve in a perhaps at times wavering yet decisively solid conviction of ultimate redemption.