Werner Durand & Alio Die:
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Aqua Planing
HSL 029
01 Luftspiegelungen 09.31
         Werner Durand : persian ney, circular clarinet, 
            other home-made wind instruments
            Alio Die: loops, scraping drum,
             field recording in Koh Phi Phi - Thailand, 
02     Night train to Bangkok 07.28
         Werner Durand: khen
            Alio Die: field recording 
            (in the bed of a night train - Thailand, january 2000) 
03 Aqua Planing 16.51
         Werner Durand : circular water ney, prepared neys and shakuhach , 
            tube drone- recording engineer
            Alio Die: tube drone - pilot on the highway from Aulla to Parma,  
            filtered ocean  
04 La grotta nella valle dimenticata 12.31
          Werner Durand: khen, homemade winds, 
              treated ambient recordings in Val Resia -Italy
             Alio Die: ambient recordings  at Koh Phi Phi, looped khen  
05     Ghost
         Werner Durand: persian ney
            Alio Die: tubes and zither loops,
             field recording: nightforest - Thailand,  
Composed and performed by Werner Durand and Stefano Musso 
between 1998 and 2005 at Lunae Studio, Tuscany
and at Haveli Studio, Berlin.  
Mastered on Pro Tools at Temple Studio, Milan april 2005