Alio Die & Amelia Cuni:
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Projekt 126


01     Ambhas
02 Island of the rose apple tree
03     Aapaha
04 Water memories
05     Churning of the ocean
06 Apsaras
All titles composed by Ameli Cuni (GEMA) and Stefano Musso/Alio Die (BMI).
Amelia Cuni: Dhrupad singing (traditional music from North India).
Stefano Musso: Drones and samples, environmental sound and treatments.
Recorded and mixed at Lunae (Toscana) by Amelia Cuni and Stefano Musso between July 1999 and September 2000.
Mastered on Pro Tools, September 2000.
Special thanks to:
Roberto Calasso with Adelphi and Vintage Publishers; Werner Durand.
Photographs by Stefano Musso.
Design by Sam Rosenthal.
APSARAS: "flowing in the waters", celestial Nymphs, seductive creatures, sometimes benevolent, always capricious. They came out of the waves like the first seed of the mind: desire. The first pact between mind and matter was sealed upon the waters. Waters flow and reflect, they are plurality itself. The waters of the mind are flowing into those of the world and the waters of the world are flowing into those of the mind to the point where they become undistinguishable one from the other.
Freely adapted from: Roberto Calasso: KA, Vintage, London 1999 (translated from Italian by Tim Park); originally published by Adelphi, Milano 1996.