Sola Traslatio 
(Alio Die & Opium):
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Mother Sunrise 
Hypnos 2130


01 Superior spell
02     Sadnsess and armony
03 Mother Sunrise
04      Awaken spirits
05      Lullaby for the desert moon
06 Entrance through a self-portrait
07      Floating energies
08     Undercurrent in Castevoli
Composed recorded and mixed August 1999 - February 2000
Alio Die (Stefano Musso):
Samplers, Textures and Drones, Field recordings taken in Thailand, Koh Pee Pee and Lunigiana (Italy)
Opium (Matteo Zini):
Digital Sound Effects, Programming, Sampler, Electronics, Fields recordings
Mastered by Stefano Musso on Pro Tools, March 2000
Paintings by Stefano Musso, Design by M.Griffin
Copyright 2000 Sola Traslatio (Alio Die & Opium) and Hypnos