Antonio Testa & Alio Die:
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Healing Herb's Spirit
Crowded 13


01 Shuar
02     Rahien
03     Dreaming
04     Icaros
05     Yacaruna
06     Vimuktita
07 Turiya
Composed and recorded by
Antonio Testa and Alio Die
between June and December 1997.
Edited and mixed on Pro Tools December 1997.
Final editing and mastering by Max Costa.
© Antonio Testa. The copyright in this
sound recording is owned by A. Testa - SIAE.
Antonio Testa: Woodblock rototom, water pumpkin, djankro. indian drum, stones, bamboo, gatham, darabouka, teponaztli, kalimba, bow, rattles with seeds, shells and leaves, seed and bone whistles, nai flute, bone flute, horn, flying romb, stalagmite, bamboo and horn scraper, rainstick, tibetan bowls, electronics and voice...
Stefano Musso: Samples, voice, textures and drones, editing.
On track 2: Rahien Testa-first cry
On track 6: Arturo Alvear and Susanna Beatris-Djembé
Rodolfo Airoldi- voice grido
Graphic by Hic Sunt Leones