Robert Rich & Alio Die:
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Fathom 11076-2

Entering throught the fissures between two worlds a journey into the microcosmic subterranean internal seeking a medicine to bridge the chasm that separates us from the ancient past to calm the waters of a tumultuous present
01 Turning to Stone
02      A Canopy of Shivers
03 Sirena
04      Mycelia
05      The Divine Radiance of the Invertebrates
06 The Road to Wirikuta
07      Tree of the Wind
Stefano Musso (Alio Die) : Samples, textures and drones.
Robert Rich: Synths, flutes, percussion, dulcimer, steel guitar.

Recording by Robert Rich and Stefano Musso at Soundscape, Cambria, Nov-Dec, 1996.
Mixed by Robert Rich, Jan. 1997. Mastering by Bob Olhsson and Stephen Hill at Hearts of space, Sausalito,California.
Design: Jamie Ruderman
Photographs: Werner Kruthein/Photovault
Additional photographs: Robert Rich
Art Director: Stephen Hill
All compositions 1997 by Robert Rich and Stefano Musso
Fathom, P.O. Box 31321, San Francisco, CA 94131