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Alio Die & James Johnson

Sospensione d'estate

..Music at the edge of  perception, music meant to expand interior space..listening at a volume slightly above the natural sound.. °..

01    CUBE 7  -  Sospensione d'Estate  66:10
CUBE 7 was Composed and Created by
Stefano Musso(©BMI) and James Johnson (©BMI)
between 2005 and 2006 at Temple Studio, Milan, Italy
and at Circling Crane Studio, Antioch, USA.
Mastered on Pro Tools, Milano  2007.
James Johnson:   Electronics, Programming.
Alio Die : Zither, Flutes, Rattles, Small Instruments Set,
Drones and Loops, Tubes, Field Recordings.
Special Thanks to Saffron Wood for Acoustic Recordings.
Photos by Stefano Musso.
Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones.
CUBE music is designed to blur the architectural spaces
that we occupy during our waking hours of the day.
Whether it be an office cubical, a personal listening space or subtly defined spaces within an architectural enviroment.
CUBE music is music at the edge of  perception,
music meant to expand interior space.
Listening at a volume slightly above the natural sound
in the space that this work is being played.


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CUBE 7  -  Sospensione d'Estate (2007)

As a project, "Cube Music" has been produced with a utilitarian purpose, in the grand tradition of the first self-proclaimed (andliterally) ambient music, Brian Eno´s "music for airports". Alio Die and Johnson´s intent is to have an effect on the architectural spaces inhabited by humanity during its waking - and working - hours; theoffice cubical is mentioned specifically.

And not unlike Eno´s initial instructions for the proper way to listen, this music is intended to be played just loud enough to beheard above the natural sounds of the space in question, unfortunately effectively ruling out most of the working class in its clattering factories and on its thunderous construction sites.

Regardless of the unintended class division, Suspensione D´Estate is gorgeously performed, showcasing long, languid strokes of the viola by James Johnson. The viola is supremely well-suited to ambient, as its somewhat richer tone penetrates deeper than its spoiled celebrity cousin, the violin, and acts as both lead and resonant bottom at once.

As usual, Alio Die mans an arsenal of acoustic toys and quiet noisemakers giving the landscape features, sometimes quite literally with environmental field recordings. Still, the most beautiful momentsof them all are when viola and zither meet for a moment, entwine, and then drift apart. Nothing surprising, just a single, sixty-six minute waft of awesome, ephemeral symmetry.

Stephen Fruitman/

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