Alio Die

Robert Davies - Woodland Alcoves

Robert Davies has created over the years and twelve albums, a particular and unique immersive ambient music with a ...

Aglaia Hymns

"nymphs, memories and reflections of ancient shipwrecks in the first light of the morning or at dusk, the space ...

Cdr Ltd art-edition 99 copies - Program of upcoming releases..

The Ltd art edition serie,started with "Benthos" have these new titles in schedule:ALIO DIE & ZEIT Live at Dadà ...

New Release! AGLAIA Nights in Nubiland Cd

New album for AGLAIA titled "Nights in Nubiland" come in a six panel digipack.Mp3 are already available into Hic Sunt ...

New releases: ENTEN HITTI La Solitudine del Sole

New album after 15 years after the beautiful Giant Clowns of the Solar World on Aqua|Amplexus. In a six panel digipack ...
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Tempus fugit - Cd digi Limited edition: 200 copies

Tracking list:1. l'heure qui ondule2. le temps du crépuscule3. réponse aux nuits cache-dieu4. le temps irrémédiable


Allegorical fragment - Part I - Cd digi Limited edition: 200 copies

Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà

The Threshold of Beauty CD digi Limited editiion 500 copies

Tracking list:1.On the waves of fate - Part 12.The closest place to the soul3.Lighthearted expansion return4.Dark dhrupad5.Vacant lights disclose the ...

Alio Die

Kalisz Concert - Cd ltd 150 copies

Tracking list :1.Kalisz Concert 01:00:37~

Alio Die & Aglaia

Amitabha - Cd Digipack ltd 300 copies

Tracking list:1.Monte Analogo 09:472.Il Portale dell'Invisibile 07:423.Outer Space Forest 03:434.Celestial Stream 12:045.Cosmological Scale ...

Alio Die

Time Zone Portal - Cd digi

Tracking List:1.Radiance Revealed 08:442.Ascending Inside 05:553.The Ephemeris Season 22:584.The Earworm Sustain 06:025.Axis of Devotion 08:356.Time ...

Alio Die

They Grow Layers of Life Within - Cd digi

tracking list:1.The Atom of Existence 26:202.They Grow Layers of Life Within 32:023.Real-Life Mystery 06:09.

Alio Die & Aglaia

Opera Magnetica - Cd digi

Tracking list.1.Shape of the Wind 16:002.One Second Before Dark 18:123.Wake of a Silver Water 22:07

Alio Die & Lingua Fungi

Lento - Cd Digi

1.Lento 18:342.Karhunpäivä 17:273.Giardinaggio Interiore 31:504.Stato di Grazia 11:00

Alio Die

Imaginal symmetry - Cd Digipack ltd 300 copies

Tracking list:1.The Divine Source Recall ...
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Alio Die
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