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Alio Die

Castles Sonorisation's Series Ltd 99 copies Boxset

Alio Die Castles Sonorisation's Series:


it contain all the three cds of the Castles Sonorisation's Series Aura Seminalis digipack
Tempus Rei digipack
Horas Tibi Serenas digipack  
in a special handmade box with a unique mosaic by Virginia Zanotti
The three cds are wrapped into a old tissue's sheath by Simona Cassarino a photo and a signed insert.  

Please write us for more details..

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This latest release in a recent outpouring of creativity from Italy ’s master of organic drones is possibly the most unique in this artist’s long career as a sound sculptor. While most of his recent releases on his own Hic Sunt Leones label have been collaborations, this is his first solo effort since the release of the 10 inch vinyl Aurea Hora. As the elaborate Renaissance style artwork on the cover suggests, this music points in the direction of a more “classical”sound in so far as the utilization of Gregorian style chants. These are successfully incorporated into Musso’s customary drones comprised of field recordings, acoustic instruments, and electronic processing, giving this disc a particularly reverent ambience. Don’t think Enigma or Delerium, because as one listens to this they may be inclined to bow their head and meditate or pray rather than nod or chill. I imagine that if today’s sound recording abilities were available during those times evoked by the artwork or chants, they too would have then added the organic elements that Alio Die does, creating a balance of both the heavenly and the earthbound. Fans of his music may or may not find this approach a departure from what they are accustomed to, but it is certain that this artist is going beyond his previous huge body of work to encompass a broader sonic palette.

Pauldient / /

Tempus Rei is further evidence that the ambient artist known as Alio Die is in fact the reincarnation of a very old soul, probably from the High Middle Ages dovetailing into the Renaissance.
The matter-of-fact list of devices used to make this extraordinary album - "drones and loops, zither and field recordings" - reveals nothing about the depth and mystery of the two, half-hour long pieces.Stating however as the artist does that it was "celebrated", rather than created, speaks volumes.

The first piece features a leitmotif so inherently beguiling that I feel sad and disappointed when it disappears. Happily, a few minutes into the second offering, it slowly reemerges. The entire album is redolent of old, musty wooden beams and fusty, book-lined rooms, as entire collections of ancient instruments appear to have been sampled and woven into this irresistibly captivating tapestry.

As an added temporal twist, the entire recording features its own,discreet background track of rainy, current-day street sounds, tires whishing by on wet pavement, a heavy, gusting wind casting raindrops at the window.

One of the most understated and yet most powerful of Alio Die´s many unforgettable works.

Posted by Stephen Fruitman /
Horas Tibi Serenas (2010)

"Horas Tibi Serenas" is the third chapter of the series "Castles sonorisation", bearing the signature of Alio Die, an oratory of digits collected and highly evocative, upon reflection addressed to the sense of the sacred that saturates every aspect of earthly things.
The instrumental texture is the result of a suffused handwriting,entrusted with the use of drones, loops and sounds found, which recreates the atmosphere of the liturgical poem in three long suites rarefied and minimal, just by lapping noises echo in the distance andattendance just transmusicali palpable.
A granted to souls who crowd in a chorus of sounds wavering and circulars, designed to propitiate the harmony of the cosmos and with itthe opus of inner stillness.

Aldo Chimenti, Rockerilla luglio/agosto 2010

"Horas Tibi Serenas" It is an archaic mausoleum , distorted by time and made ​​copper, leaden again, apparently withdrawn from the flavor of life, not even here and even now.
It is hard to recognize references from other rooms of the time the sound arrives and this seems no longer be reconciled with the present but veiled forever, nearly in the shade.
Where I take things that come and go? What furrows imprinted on me? "

Gino Fioravanti / Aglaia

I've received the Castles Sonorizations yesterday and I must say it has far exceeded my expectations. The whole box is really incredible. The mosaic is better suited to my tastes than I could have hoped and of course the music is amazing sounding.
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