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Alberto Ezzu - Lux Vocal Ensemble

Il Fuoco del 6° Armonico sulla Luce della Dominante partendo dalla Madre Fondamentale (con in mente Zarathustra)

Tracking list:

1 Il Fuoco del 6° Armonico sulla Luce della Dominante partendo  dalla Madre Fondamentale (con in mente Zarathustra)    58':03"

Alberto Ezzu: voce difonica, sintetizzatore

Raffaele Schiavo: voce difonica

Pino Poclen: voce difonica

Walter Mantovani: voce difonica

Musica di Alberto Ezzu

Mixato nel marzo 2013 da Stefano Bersanetti

Copertina e grafica di Alberto Ezzu e Paola Scatena

Fotografia di Simone Tringali dal video “smoke light”

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The Alberto Ezzu Lux Vocal Ensemble was founded in 2001 to perform his own compositions and improvisations given mainly by the singing of the harmonics.

The use of the voice are combined with musical instruments of ancient European tradition (synphonia, micanon, lute, viola da gamba) and classical (oboe and cello), some of the Eastern traditions (tampura, sitar, Indian harmonium, percussion), and electronic instruments.

"The Fire on the 6th Harmonic Light of Dominant starting from Mother Fundamental (keeping in mind Zarathustra)" was presented in concert form since 2001.

In the new version of 2013, behind the singers is projected the movie "Smoke Light" produced by the video maker Simone Tringali.

From a frame of this movie is taken the cover image and artwork of the three sides digipack.


"Il Fuoco del 6° Armonico sulla Luce della Dominante partendo dalla Madre Fondamentale (con in mente Zarathustra)", which sounds something like "The focus of the sixth harmonic on the dominant light starting from the fundamental mother (having in mind Zarathustra)", is the latest album by Alberto Ezzu Lux Vocal Ensemble but as project born in 2001 at the early days of the ensemble. Alberto Ezzu Lux Vocal Ensemble born that year to perform compositions and improvisations using mainly overtone singing. If you don't know what kind of singing is that, think about the traditional Mongolian chants where one performer emits two tones at a time. To that, they add traditional European instruments (synpjonica, micanon, viola and lute), classic instruments (cello and oboe), oriental traditional instruments (tampura, sitar, Indian harmonium and percussions) plus electronic instruments. On this album you can find a one hour suite where different overtone singers focus their performance following a synth frequency which slowly changes creating, in this way, a minimal multi layered experimental suite which is able to hypnotize the listener. This album is a step into Alberto Ezzu's path as musical researcher, musical therapist and, for the listener, is a chance you can take to focus your attention on your inner self using these sounds as a tool.


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