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Francesco Paladino & Sean Breadin

Musica fiuto - Hic Sunt Leones 033

Tracking list:
01       Musica/Fiuto 1
02       Musica/Fiuto 2
03       Musica/Fiuto 3
04       Musica/Fiuto 4
05       Musica/Fiuto 5
06       Musica/Fiuto 6
07       Musica/Fiuto 7
08       Musica/Fiuto 8
09       Musica/Fiuto 9
10       Musica/Fiuto 10
11       Musica/Fiuto 11
Francesco Paladino: Nose music and bells
Sean Breadin: Pocket corner, crwth, viola, gusle,
voice, bendhir, bells and real time processing.
Thanks to : Alio Die, Opium, Matthew De Gennaro,
Timothy Renner, Drekka, Rivulets, Aaron Moore, Sedayne.
Images from video Dignity by
Maria Assunta Karini (Italy 2004)
Artwork: Matteo Zini & Hic Sunt Leones.

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Musica Fiuto (2006)

Elaborated from the same basic 'voices' for "Nosesoul" madeby Francesco Paladino, and then mixed, processed and integrated by Sean Breadin with totally acoustic improvisations with pocket corner, crwth, viola,gusle, voice,bendhir.
A very original combination between improvisation music, drones andweird folk.

MUSIC Experimental and improvised folky ambience using the vocalisations fromNosesoul and here combining these with improvisational instrumentation from SeanBreadin. Breadin mixed and processed the original sounds and integrated theminto a new context to reveal a very different result from Nosesoul.Acoustic strains from such sources as pocket corner, crwth, viola, gusle, voice,bendhir and bells waft and crawl around the truly peculiar sounds produced byPaladino. Flights up and down the scales, meanderings through musical motifs,wavering sonic explorations - a ceremonial tone and respectful juxtaposition.

ARTWORK  Photomontaged imagery combines a solarised eye staring purple, indigofrom a yellow-brown backdrop overlaid with lettering and mirrored cartography. Atasteful black border at top and bottom binds the picture running across to thereverse of the booklet where a negative version of the cover appears inmonochrome brown. The rear of the jewelcase presents no text apart from HIC SUNTLEONES and the Alio Die website address. Within we find the track list andtimings along with credits and sound sources.

OVERALL   The promotional material for this album explains that this music was"elaborated from the same basic 'voices' for "NoseSoul"made by Paladino, and then mixed, processed and integrated by Breadin withtotally acoustic improvisations with pocket corner, crwth, viola, gusle, voice,bendhir". The sound here is more acoustic than Nosesoul - suggestive of alive performance - a duet of pure exploration and imagination. This is musicthat strays very far from the mainstream into territories that test the veryboundaries of music.

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