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Nosesoul (Francesco Paladino & Opium)

Angel Ghost and Human Shades HSL 032

Sultant sound is a mysterious organic sound installation that is suggestive of various dream states - bells, buzzing flies, birds, water droplets & hypnotic drones hang in the aural air

Tracking list:
01     Preghiere
02     Light
03     Grasswall painted green
04     Sunrise overflow
05     Enchant
06     Me, the sky sleeping
07     Lament
08     Ancient aliens prehystory
Opium: Programming and wave editings
Francesco Paladino: all voices and nosemusic

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Nosesoul - Angel Ghost and Human Shades (2006)

Nosesoul project is pure improvisation, my sessions have been improvised and directly mixed with Francesco's voices. These sounds are pure breathe, pure prayers, pure mourns and pure pleasures to me.
I hope this experience won't leave me trough my next years.


I found I've a voice inside me but it is not mine. I supported it through my 'nosesoul' and 'lamentationes' researches.
Some artists, beautiful friends, helped me bytheir influences and elaboration and the voice has gone out. So I moved.


MUSIC Ambient experimental sounds combining the 'Francesco' voices with improvisational programming from Opium. Francesco Paladino here provides vocalisations that range from moans, whines and nasal tones through to various mutterings and mournings. Teo Zini or Opium surrounds these utterances with layers of ambient electronic texture and processed 'wave editings'. There sultant sound is a mysterious organic sound installation that is suggestive of various dream states - jangling bells, buzzing flies, birds, water droplets and hypnotic drones hang in the aural air - ambiguous, evocative and unsettling.Titles add to the dreamy mood of the music - 'grasswall painted green', 'me, thesky sleeping', 'sunrise overflow'.

ARTWORK  Sharp photography focuses on earth hues and textural areas - stackedrocks on the front cover, a pool in a rocky indentation on the reverse.Everything is suitably shady with abundant blacks. Within the booklet are portraits of the artists and a few words from each to present their individual contributions to the project. Web site addresses are included along with thank sand kisses.

OVERALL  Paladino recently collaborated with Alio Die on the album 'Angel's Fly Souvenir'and then as a new musical project teamed up with Opium to form 'Nosesoul'. The promotional material from Teo Zini explains that the "Nosesoul project is pure improvisation - my sessions have been improvised and directly mixed with Francesco's voices. These sounds are pure breaths, pure prayers, pure mourns and pure pleasures to me". The album is released on the Hic Sunt Leones label and can be found on the Alio Die website.

MorpheusMusic Rewiews


Francesco Paladino, has teamed up with Opium (Paladino seems to prefer thecollaboration, having joined forces with lots of folks in the past includingdronesters Alio Die) for a record of epic and hauntingly cinematic low endexplorations. Field recordings are deftly woven into huge sprawling drones,strangled falsetto vocals and growling grumbled voices drift ominously amidstthe slowly swirling low end ambience. Chimes tinkle and random bits ofpercussion float restlessly above thick fuzzy synthesizers, all the while moreand more strange animalistic vocalisations enter the mix. Birdsong and simplepercussion are the framework of one track, while a pulsing synthesized throbanother, FX swirl effortlessly over the sound of scraping stones, whisperingwind, distant chanting. The vibe is strangely liturgical, one can imagine thisdisc as the soundtrack to some slow moving Italian giallo, Goblin handling thefreaked out progged up horror parts, while Paladino and Opium handle thesuspense, the dark shadowy corridors, a long walk through a moonlit park, theforeboding feeling that death lurks around every corner. Creepy and sinister andominously beautiful. ( sso's projects since 1989, underwhose name he has produced several releases and collaborations. This release isa collaboration between Alio Die and Saffron Wood. He has also produced severalreleases under his own name, in various labels, among which Project and Relapse.The Sleep Of Seeds was released by his own label, Hic Sunt Leones, in2003.
While I was listening to the CD I had seated myself in a spot where I could seethe buildings and balconies across the street. As summer has sunk its claws onAthens already, it was a warm sunny day, with a soft, refreshing breeze goingthrough everything. At some point I noticed a pixie made of silver paper hangingoff a balcony right across my window. As I was watching the miniature fairymoving according to the will of the wind, I thought this was a very suitablesetting to begin from: a little bit of nature and of magic, off-key in an urbanscenery. A positive, radiant kind of magic however, one with soothing andrelaxing properties, reminiscent of light, sun, charming landscapes and overallgratification. At least that¹s the effect it had on me.
It sort of fixes itself in the general background and creates a meditativeatmosphere that does not impose on, but rather accompanies your thoughts.
The release comprises of 3 tracks, building upon various layers of electronicand organic sound, as well as drones and repetitions. The sound is clear anddistinct, feeding the listener with just enough sound information to induce thedesired ambience, but as I said, by no means being intrusive or aggressive ­quite the opposite actually. Personally I like it, as I can find certain timeswhere relaxation and disengagement from the physical environment is necessary,and I prefer at such times for the music to be more suggestive and discreet. Andthis is just that kind of recording.
The first track, "The Sleep Of Seeds", is a down tempocombination of various natural sounds, what seems to be field recordings andelectronics, harmonic, minimalistic and balanced. It sets the soundscape onwhich the next two tracks will develop some more. As opposed to the first trackthat is 22 minutes long, the second one, "Awakening In A New Form",is a brief interpretation of the natural transformation that takes place, theevolution, the transformation as stated by the title. Musically it is mostly agame between a flute and what my untrained ear can recognize as a distorted loop,with secondary layers being built by what sounds like bells, tubes, drones Whichleads us to "A Dream Of Mother Ground", the final track whichlasts about 20 minutes, And in which an elaborate tapestry is presented,containing almost all the diverse elements we see in the two previous tracks:various natural sounds and found recordings, bells, drones, electronic soundsand distortions, flute, loops, accordion and the likes. All these sounds spiralinto a crescendo and then as naturally as they have intensified, disappear oneby one, leaving an echoing, distinct drone and a few electronic ones that mainlyremind one of bird singing, for the recording to end, placing one¹s body backon solid ground, as gently as it had been lifted in the beginning.

Heathen Harvest website by Luminatrix

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