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Alio Die

The Flight of the Real Image 3

Undefinable sounds sources, strangely attractive organic collages that reveal numerously colored layers with successive listening.. ...°... ..


01 Breathing again
02 Journey around a stone
03 Leaves net
Composed and played by Alio Die 
between March and December 1993

The Flight of the real image (1993)

This MCD 3", runningtime 20 minutes, was originally out with the italian magazine Deep Listennings,in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. The three tracks inside were reprinted later:the first in the CD The Hidden Spring, the second and the third in the cd Leaves Net, but the track with this title was remixed and elaborated on this cd collection.


Ce MCD 3" d'un durée de 20' est formé de trois titres au développement organique,non narratif. "Breating again" vous emporte, vous aspiredans ses volutes hypnotiques vers un Eden luxuriant, véritable havre de paix audecor émouvant. "Journey around a stone" commence dans unfrissonnement délicat de cloches tintinnabulantes. Les yeux mi-clos, le visagetourné vers les cimes des hautes futaies qui jouent avec la lumier dun soleilcouchant,on a tout loisir a' se laisser délicieusement engourdir par unemusique naturaliste et envoulante a' la fois. Avec "Leaves net" enfinvient la nuit, peuplée de mouvements furtifs mais toujour délicats, cette nuitqui rend aux micro-é vénements leur part de mystére et décuple la magie.

Revueet Corrige'e

The three tracks of this 21minute mini CD are based on gentle dark-ambient loops for which Alio Die is best know for. Entrancing esoteric sounds of bells, water,birds, voices, organs, flutes and further undefinable sounds sources, strangely attractive organic collages that reveal numerously colored layers with successive listening. Same procedure of lot of other cds we suggest: push the 'Repeat All' button of your CD player and let it flow without interruption for several days -and even more important- for several nights. It's so nice to come back home or to wake-up and the sacred sound is still there...

Dirk& Catherine / Timebase spring 1995

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