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Red Sector A speed up Alio Die


..a lot of pseudo-psychedelic imagery that consists mainly of dark blue/purplet ones and repeating circular images or designs.

01     Molecular Dance > Molecular mix
02     Dreaming > Flyer mix
03     In mean time > New World experience mix
04     Shuar > Floating mix
05     Alternate realities > Psychonaut mix
06     Onyx > Afterlife mix
07     Mesmeric revelation > Early space pioneers mix
08     Axis Mundi > Templehead mix
Written & produced by Stefano Musso and Andrea Bellucci.
Recorded at Mira Alta and Lunae Studio - Italy
Stefano Musso: Drones and samples environmental sounds and treatments.
Andrea Bellucci: Drones and samples synths, beats and programming.
Mixed at Mira Alta and Lunae Studio - Italy.
Final mastering at Lunae Studio on Pro Tools.
Photos by Stefano Musso and Lunae Studer .
Design by Orion Landau
Son-Dha would like to thank:
James, Matt and all Relapse/Release staff for believing in this project.
Andrea Bellucci would like to thank:
Stefano Musso for believing in this strange idea, my family and my son, my dear friends. Paolo Montare- si and family, Roberto Mammarella and wife, Ivano Iusco, Gabriele "The Tribal Man", Stefano Bertucci for Macintosh and Emu help and advice.
Red Sector A appears under courtesy of Minus Habens Records.

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Red Sector A speed up Alio Die (2001)

Son-Dha is Alio Die (Stefano Musso) and Red Sector A (Andrea Bellucci). Their debut (as a duo) is Red Sector A Speeds up Alio Die. This is a very cool concept.Musso recorded some of his signature minimalist drones and Bellucci then reconstructed them with frenetic rhythms that are not quite techno. It works fairly well. Many have tried similar projects that remix existing compositions, but these atmospheres were designed specifically for Bellucci's handiwork. Again, this is not techno or new ambient. It will appeal to fans of the Orb, William orbit, and Mo Boma.
~ Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide

Italy's Andrea Bellucci (Red Sector A) and Stefano Musso (Alio Die) have been creating intriguing experimental sounds individually for quite some time. With SON-DHA,the two respected artists have joyned forces, creating an album that molds and shapes glistering down-tempo blip-hop, chill-out drum and bass and atmospheric,mind-opening ambient dub. Resound delves a bit deeper into this amazing electronic act. 

Carl Schultz / Relapse

As one should be able to gather from the album title, Son-Dha is a collaborative effort between Red Sector A and Alio Die, the latter of which provided material for the former to manipulate. The result is eight lengthy tracks (the shortest of which runs 5:30, where the average running time is nearly 7:00) of curious ambient/trip-hop sounds that rely heavily on beats and samples, as well as lush synths and organic textures.  There's definitely a fair amount of repetition in some of these tracks, but the consistent delivery creates a subtly trance-like state that makes the material pass by at a faster pace that one would expect. Tracks such as "Dreaming (Flyer Mix)" integrate samples incredibly well, allowing the layered beats to remain focal while the samples rest very low in the mix and almost act moreas a curious layer of texture than a matter of content. "Shuar (Floating Mix)" has a very somber beginning with some piano and samples of flowing water before getting into one of the more energetic segments that uses lots of electronic blips and tones. Also more upbeat are the jazzy beats and tempo of"Alternate Realities (Psychonaut Mix)", one of the strongest pieces herein. As expected with something so electronic and precise the recording is very nice. The sounds are clear, the mix is clean, the volume levels appropriate(i.e. not over-compressed), and so on. There's not much to the visual presentation, just a few simple text arrangements (credits, thanks lists, etc.)and a lot of pseudo-psychedelic imagery that consists mainly of dark blue/purplet ones and repeating circular images or designs. This is definitely one to checkout for fans of the more structured, beat-heavy experimental styles. It's not dance music or anything like that, even though elements of what could be considered a more laid back techno do present themselves. The disc as a whole is quite relaxing and I do enjoy it, indeed.

des reprises d'ALIODIE réhaussées par des sons de rythmiquesélectroniques. L'ensemble, assez technoïde, estsuffisamment hard pour être passé dans une rave-party.Même pour les non-amateurs du genre électro, l'album estintéressant, voire agréable, bien que le côtétranscendant d'ALIO DIE, le plus intéressant, soit du coupcomplètement effacé.


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Alio Die
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