Alio Die

Robert Davies - Woodland Alcoves

Robert Davies has created over the years and twelve albums, a particular and unique immersive ambient music with a ...

Aglaia Hymns

"nymphs, memories and reflections of ancient shipwrecks in the first light of the morning or at dusk, the space ...

Cdr Ltd art-edition 99 copies - Program of upcoming releases..

The Ltd art edition serie,started with "Benthos" have these new titles in schedule:ALIO DIE & ZEIT Live at Dadà ...

New Release! AGLAIA Nights in Nubiland Cd

New album for AGLAIA titled "Nights in Nubiland" come in a six panel digipack.Mp3 are already available into Hic Sunt ...

New releases: ENTEN HITTI La Solitudine del Sole

New album after 15 years after the beautiful Giant Clowns of the Solar World on Aqua|Amplexus. In a six panel digipack ...

Alio Die & Lingua Fungi

Lento - Cd Digi

Lento 18:34
Karhunpäivä 17:27
Giardinaggio Interiore 31:50
Stato di Grazia 11:00

‘Lento’ started with acoustic improvisations made in Finland with Lingua Fungi, in summer 2011, then edited and mixed by Alio Die at Lunae studio in winter 2016. During the sessions the natural atmospheres of wild places have connect and pervaded the music, expanding the elements and inspirations that have characterized "The otter songs”. Lento is an hypnotic journey and flowing experience with more uplifting spiritual overtones. A great listen through and through.
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