Tommaso Cimo’ was born in Florence on 29 October 1977.
In his youth he approached classical music through his studies of the violin, recorder and musical theory. He soon discovered its dark side, belonging to the exponents of the cultured avant-garde of the '50's and '60's, and as a result began to experiment with tapes and various effects. Then, he moved to modern  electronic music from the German cosmic movement of the '70's and followed the different branches borne from there. In that period he approached synthesis through the use of analog synthesizers and sequencers.
In the following years, he studied and taught himself guitar and piano and he was interested, in parallel with electronic music, in several other musical genres having a particular preference for psychadelic music, progressive and jazz-rock. In this period he also enjoyed some young bands and concurrently deepened his knowledge of electro-acoustic music, concrete music and  minimalism and enriched his musical background and repertoire by experimenting with ethnic acoustic instruments and field recordings.
In 1996, he attended a course in cinematography, where he learnt the fundamentals of direction, shooting and editing. He undertook the role of assistant director for a period of time and filmed and produced a number of short films  characterized by the use of longlenght shots.
Since 2001 he adopted the pseudonym ZEIT and set up the "MAG" home-studio from where he recorded music and videos. Respectively from 2001 and 2002 he recorded but as yet these recordings remain unpublished, two CD-rs "Cosmic Trails" and "Probing the Depths". The foundations of these musical works are mainly electronic distinguished by a marked Teutonic sound.
In  2003 the magic meeting with Alio Die led him to the thresholds of Sunja.