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For the past 20 years, Nick Parkin has worked as an instrumentalist and composer for major dance and theatre companies in the UK including in the 80's Dance Gwylan, Paupers Carnival, Jeff Powell ( Extemporary Dance), Horse and Bamboo Theatre andin the 90's Doo Cot, Katharina Vogel ( CH), Tetsuro Fukuhara ( J) Marie-Gabrielle Rotie and Lea Dance.  

He has over 10 releases on CD  and specialises  in Electro Acoustic sound works and films derived from his interest in Environmental and site-based work. He won a First Prize in the prestigious Bourges Electroacoustic Music Awards 2001 for 'Magmas', which was subsequently broadcast on international radiostations. 'Magmas' was commissioned by Sonic Arts Network to be developed into a film and was screened at the Royal Festival Hall 2002. Commisioned works for 2002/3 include  ' Refract' (Lea Dance) 'Mutations' and 'The Collector' (MG Rotie). He was selected for the Choreographers and Composers exchange 2003 at RFH and the results of that are commissions from Andile Sotiya an associate artist at The Place and also for Stephanie Schober.

Nick originally trained as a performer and for 10 years he created landscape based works, touring Europe exstensively. He continues his interest in movement through his practice of Chi Kung studying with Master Lam for over 10 years. He currently teaches Environmental Research at Goldsmiths UCL, for MA and BA.


 Ancient Resonances Public Dreamers rec. Wales 1991

 Still Point: Maps without edges City of Tribes USA rec. London 1995

  Parkin / Higley Touchsound  Touchsound  rec.London 1996

 solo CD Descent Hic Sunt Leones / Italy rec. London 1996

 Tuu / Parkin Mesh Fathom Records USA rec. London 1997

 Tuu / Parkin Terma Fathom Records USA  rec. London 1997

 solo CD Island of Dust  Solielmoon Recording USA  rec. London 1998

 solo CD Entropolis Solielmoon Recordings USA rec. London 1999

 solo CD Geomorphic Resonance Solielmoon Recordings USA  rec. London 1998

 Collaboration CD with S. Musso  Aquam Metallicam  Musica Maxima magnetica  rec. Italy 2000

 solo track Magmas  released by Bourges on 'Cultures Electronique Bourges'  2001

 Parkin / Gilerion  Red Shift Solielmoon Rec. USA  rec. London 2002

 Awaiting Release

 solo CD Skeleton Coast  rec. Norwich 1999   and  solo CD Jurassic Spring  rec. London 2000

 All released tracks copyright PRS MCPS