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ORA was a collective formed in 1991 by Andrew Chalk and Darren Tate, joined occasionally by Jonathan Coleclough, Lol Coxhill, Colin Potter and/or Daisuke Suzuki. Andrew Chalk and Darren Tate formed Ora well over a decade ago and have released numerous self-released cassettes and limited cd-r editions of their mysterious ambience and delicate textures. In working with such prolific collaborators as Jonathan Coleclough, Lol Coxhill, Colin Potter, Daisuke Suzuki, and Michael Northam, Ora has masterfully collected a wunderkammer of drones. Each of Ora's mesmerisms possess an elegant antiquity that eeriely display a sense of history but have little context as to an origin or insight into the placement of one sound to another. Just as a 17th Century historical aesthetician would arrange heliotropes, alchemical machines, hermetic documents, and taxidemy specimens in a manner that emphasized the beauty of the object, Ora intuitively develops their slow building drones out of aqueous field recordings, undefined magnetic fluctuations, aeolian strings, and Chalk's resonant bells, gongs, and metal.

ANDREW CHALK has been active since 1985 as Ferial Confine and worked with many associates over the years, such as David Jackman (Organum), Vortex Campaign, The New Blockaders, Darren Tate (Ora), Giancarlo Toniutti, Daisuke Suzuki, Jonathan Coleclough, and Christoph Heemann (Mirror).